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What is the way in Starbuntu ... ?

  1. The window manager OpenBox
OpenBox serves in Starbuntu as an extremely reliable window maanager.
  5. The graphical dialog provider Yad
Yad allows to decorate many special applications of Starbuntu with a graphical dialog.
  2. The desktop and file manager Rox
Rox provides for Starbuntu the desktop environment and the file manager.
  6. The special applications of Starbuntu
Many extra programmed special applications grade Starbuntu up.
  3. The panel Tint2
The versatile panel Tint2 provides in Starbuntu the tool bar, the windows bar and the system tray.
  7. Live System, installation and update
Starbuntu can easily be tried out, installed and updated.
  4. The software choice of Starbuntu
Starbuntu is characterized by a well-balanced choice of software.
  8. The forum of Starbuntu
Starbuntu offers a forum for questions and answers, suggestions and bug reports.


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